BOMA BEST Certification Program

Your Way to a Higher Level

BOMA is a leading professional association in the commercial real estate industry that promotes best practices, standards, and professional development for building owners and managers. 

We are industry leaders when it comes to assisting clients with their BOMA applications. Our consultants work closely to understand their specific goals and objectives. They gather and review all the necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with BOMA's requirements and standards. Consultants assist in completing the application forms, providing accurate and compelling information that highlights the client's qualifications and achievements. They also offer advice on any additional materials or supporting documentation that may strengthen the application. Additionally, we are even able to conduct the assessment/create the materials for the clients, providing a full turn-key solution.

Client Group

We bring our services to the property management sector, with a focus on Smart Buildings, High Rise Office Buildings, Low Rise Office Buildings, Light Industrial, Open Air Retail, Enclosed Shopping Centres, Health Care and Condominium buildings.

We conduct:

Throughout the process, we serve as a liaison between the client and BOMA, addressing any inquiries or requests for further information. By offering assistance with BOMA applications, we help clients enhance their professional reputation, gain industry recognition, and access valuable networking opportunities within the commercial real estate community.